TrueCaller Know Caller ID, Name & Block Spam Call

TrueCaller: Today we share one of the best free tools to Know Caller ID, Caller Name. Also, it’s working as a spam blocker. This tool has free and paid both versions. you can easily know the caller’s name in the free tool. To access all features and use smartly then go for a premium subscription. Lots of Android users have this tool on smartphones it’s very popular on the Play Store.

Bharat TrueCaller Know Caller ID, Name & Block Spam Call

True Caller is one of the best tools in the communication category on the play store. Now you know who’s calling just use this tool. Also, Block spam & identify unknown calls on your phone.
So you Always know who calls you and it’s important in today’s time. Nowadays we receive lots of spam and fraud calls so true caller helps us to identify calls. This way we can be safe from online scams so this is must needed tool for all Android users.
Caller ID, Phone No Lookup, Spam Call Blocker, Call Logs, HQ Call Recording, etc all features available in the Truecaller application. With this, you can Communicate with your family and friends easily. Enjoy worldwide calls safely and fully protected.
TrueCaller Premium Features
Find who has viewed your profile and get Advanced blocking and filtering options. 30 contact requests a month or Record phone calls (Android Pie and above not supported). Option to view private profiles also Get a premium badge on your profile.
Let’s try the Truecaller tool on your smartphone use it and share your experience. Also, give ratings and post reviews on the play store.

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