Dexpole Solar Power Bank

Dexpole Solar Power Bank: Mobiles, laptops and other gadgets require electricity to charge. In some places where the power source is not available so our smartphones and laptops will run out but now with this device, you can charge the electronic devices with sunlight. We talk about solar power banks.

Dexpole Solar Power Bank For Outdoor Life

This Solar Power bank has a 24000mAh battery with  PD65W Fast Charging. Its Foldable and you get 4 Panels. Also Compatible with all USB devices and especially use Outdoors. The device is very light, it weighs around 1.2 kg and the device is not damaged even in water. One year warranty is also provided on the device.
According to the company, this Solar power bank can charge the iPhone 14 Pro-Max 4 times or the iPad Pro 2 Times. You can fully charge the device in 2 hours. The device gets an LED display, which shows the charging percentage.
Features of Solar Power Bank

Compatible with all USB-devices
PD65W Fast Charging
4 Panels foldable
24% Conversion Rate
24W High Power
Waterproof & DustProof
Currently This Gadgets Not available Company say Online Order and Shipping will be starting in February 2023. You can check Similar Products on Amazon or Check official Website for the Solar Power Bank Update.

Kickstarter offered A 41% discount on the Dexpol Solar Power Bank under the Kickstarter campaign. The Solar Power Bank’s price is around Rs 11,871.

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