Amazing Photography Galaxies First Color Image From NASA

First Galaxy Images from the James Webb Space Telescope. This image of the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723. This is good news for All Space lovers. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Share 5 Photo of Galaxies from James Webb Space Telescope. 

Amazing Photography Galaxies First Color Image From NASA 

The world’s most powerful James Webb Space Telescopes great achievement. There are thousands of galaxies in one image. Here is Official Tweet from NASA to Share First Color Image of Galaxies. 
These are the most high-resolution color images of the Galaxies. The James Webb Telescope is the most powerful telescope in the world. This Telescope cost is estimated rs 75,000 crore. NASA said with the help of this, research became easy on black holes as well as galaxies.
The second image is of SMACS 0723, In the third image a star of the nebula called the Southern Ring is visible. 
5 Images of Galaxies by NASA
Galaxy Cluster 1
Galaxy Cluster 2
Southern ring
Stephen’s Quintet
Carina Nebula

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This is Official Tweet by NASA and Share The First Image. Share this First Color Image of Galaxies from NASA.

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